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What is BBQ?

BBQ, as we define it, is the act of smoking meat slowly at a low temperature - aka - "low and slow".  We use a firebox that burns the wood and cooks the meat through an indirect method. By doing this, we achieve the most tender flavorful meat possible.

What kind of smokers do you use?

Our two main smokers were made by the one and only, Moberg Smokers, out of Dripping Springs, TX.  Sunny moberg was recently recognized when 4 of his clients were named the top 50 BBQ restaurants in texas monthly magazine. The two units we have are offset smokers made out of 1,000 gallon decommissioned propane tanks which are 21 feel long and weigh over 3,000 pounds each. We also have a mobile unit that we can bring along and fire up at your event - it was make locally by a very talented friend of ours, Mr. Ted Cochran.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use oak for several reasons.  1. It is readily available in the Carolinas.  2.  Oak burns hotter and longer than other woods.  This helps us maintain the steady 275 degree temperature that we need to make your meat delicious.  3.  Oak has what we consider to be the perfect flavor, it's not too strong and allows the true quality of the meat to shine through without covering it up with smoke that is too heavy.

Is my brisket burnt?

don't worry - It’s not burnt! The black part of the brisket is called bark.  Bark is the delicious crust that forms on the outside of smoked meat from the combination of smoke, seasoning, and low and slow heat. Trust us and try it - it's the best part!

Why is the meat pink?

A smoke ring is a pinkish ribbon of color usually on the edges of the meat but sometimes throughout (in thinner meat such as ribs.) A smoke ring is desirable and signifies well-smoked meat.

Wait, I thought your name was Tay??  Why is it called Bobby's?

You are right, my name is Tay - Bobby's is named after my late father, Bobby Sr. and brother Bobby Jr.  - great men that I miss dearly!  My father was a chef and a master in the kitchen but never conquered smoking - He made BBQ in a crock pot and the oven. I'm pretty sure he'd be proud of the fact that we've figured out a better way!  [wink] my brother was my biggest cheerleader and for better or worse always sampled everything I created - our slogan, "Make it good!" comes from him!